Tales from the salmon netting on the River Spey in the north east of Scotland

8. Jock Stewart’s Big Walk Around Scotland

July 23rd, 2008 by John Bennett
 Jock Stewart's Big Walk Around Scotland: Play Now

Sandy Geddes, skipper of the summer crew, and his first mate, Robbie, were leaning on the netbox, watching a pair of mergansers flying up the river when the Gaffer pulled up in the pickup to collect the fish.
“Oh aye, I meant te say – we’ve got a visitor coming at the end o the week,” said the Gaffer as he tallied the fish.
“Oh aye, fa’s that?” asked Sandy.
“Jock Stewart.”
“Fa’s he?”
“He’s thon boy fae off the telly, is he?” said Robbie with some excitement. The Gaffer nodded.
“Fit boy?” asked Sandy who didn’t watch TV and whose only knowledge of television personalities was that his wife and her mother had it in for someone called Barlow, who they both thought had “ideas above his station.”
“Kaen, that boy fit dis the tours roon Scotland…” said Robbie, who watched a lot of television with his mother.
“That’s it,” said the Gaffer, “he did ‘Jock Stewart’s Scotland’, ‘Jock Stewart’s Mountains’ and now he’s doing another een where he’s walking right roond the country, it’s g’te be cried ‘Jock Stewart’s Big Walk Around Scotland’.”

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